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The PLS153 and PLS153A are two-level logic elements, consisting of 42 AND gates and 10 OR gates with fusible link connections for programming I/O polarity and direction. All AND gates are linked to 8 inputs (I) and 10 bidirectional I/O lines (B). These yield variable I/O gate configurations via 10 direction control gates (D), ranging from 18 inputs to 10 outputs. On-chip T/C buffers couple either True (I, B) or Complement (I, B) input polarities to all AND gates, whose outputs can be optionally linked to all OR gates. Their output polarity, in turn, is individually programmable through a set of EX-OR gates for implementing AND/OR or AND/NOR logic functions. The PLS153 and PLS153A are field-programmable, enabling the user to quickly generate custom patterns using standard programming equipment.

Field-Programmable (Ni-Cr links) 8 inputs 42 AND gates 10 OR gates 10 bidirectional I/O lines Active-High or -Low outputs 42 product terms:
Input loading: ­100µA (max) Power dissipation: 650mW (typ) 3-State outputs TTL compatible

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